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 Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to noise induced hearing loss, predominantly caused by wind-noise, not just traffic and engine noise. But the rush of the wind and it's high pitched whine as it passes through the tiny gaps in your visor or top vent drives the noise up to 85dB at 50 mph and at 70mph the noise will hit a damaging 105dB. Using motorcycle earplugs or custom fit headsets will not only ensure you are able to ride your bike in comfort, but also mean that you know your hearing will be protected and allow you to enjoy your journey with maximum peace of mind!

In Ear Headsets

The MicroCom™ system is a group of in-ear headset variants that are very low-profile and specifically designed for applications where the user may be exposed to high noise levels but must use head protection in complete comfort. Microphone can be pressure sensitive for high noise environments, or Omni for use where there is low levels of ambient noise. Available for soft generic or custom eartips as the MicroCom 3 and an alternative version for hard generic or custom eartips called the MicroCom Twistlock. MicroCom will fit most ear profiles and is supplied with different sized eartips and helix tips to achieve the best fit. It can be supplied in single or dual formats. MicroCom can also be supplied as a headset for custom fitting where it can be inserted into a custom mould made form the profile of the users ear. 

A headset with an optimised in-ear microphone for discrete communications

MicroCom Twistlock in-ear headset for use with hard generic or custom eartips

A low profile headset for high noise situations, available to fit either left or right ear or both

In-Ear Monitors for Music and Media

Design to be used by broadcasters, musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles, Sensorcom offer a range of IEM products. All with various configurations and specifications.

ProGuard P2+1 In Ear Monitor with triple driver configuration

ProGuard Fleximonitors 2 are designed to be used as a high end monitor or as a earplug.

In-Ear Product Maintenance

Basic, high quality tools for the cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids and other in-ear communications devices.

A small robust cleaning brush, ideal for daily maintenance of all ear devices and hearing aids.

Attractive palm-sized puffer, or air ball, for cleaning applications.

Guard against wax infiltration with our Wax Trap filters

Proguard Earplugs

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Please visit the ProGuard website for full information, pricing and purchasing options.

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